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What a Butt (Adora)

Petite black hottie Adora comes to Rodney's to audition for a job modeling bikinis. She will not do nude and just wants to stick to bikinis. She has killer bubble butt and muscular legs and starts to prance around for the audition. Rodney is still trying to get her to do nude because a body like that needs to be shared. All of the sudden she gets in the sharing mood because she sees Rodney's cock and decides to share her hot mouth with him. She takes his huge cock in her teeny mouth and gets it good and wet. Soon enough her little pink pussy is wet too and she shares that with him too. He bangs away and then she gets on top for a deep ride until he splatters her beautiful black face with a TON of white goo.

Girls: Adora
Scene: What a Butt
Year: 2015
Genre: Amateurs, BJ, All Sex

Quality: SD
Size: 757 MB
What a Butt (Adora)

Website: RodneyMoore

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