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Nice Guys Revenge! (Devyn Devine)

Hot and chubby Devyn wouldn't let the nice guy that loved her, wined and dined her even get to first base, but for the pretty boys and bad boys that treat her like crap, she'll get on her knees and suck and fuck them on the first date. But today, the nice guy gets his revenge and finally gets the the girl on her knees sucking HIS COCK!! Now let him rub his fat dick all over those plump juicy lips before you swallow him whole, all the way down to the root. Now let him fuck those massive titties before you get on your chubby little kness again and beg for it. That's right beg, now take that thick load of cum, BITCH!

Girls: Devyn Devine
Scene: Nice Guys Revenge!
Year: 2015
Genre: Amateurs, BJ

Quality: SD
Size: 547 MB
Nice Guys Revenge! (Devyn Devine)

Website: RodneyMoore

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