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Swallowing 37 loads in march 2016 (Marion)

As you can see in the title of the movie... this is brand new stuff. On March-11-2016 I was in my favourite pub to get me as much cock and cum as possible. You might know this pub since I was there several times before. I know the owner of this place for many years now and he allows me to use it for my gangbangs outside his regular opening hours. This time I wanted to swallow as much cum as possible, so I set up a sex party for my members and fans who wanted to feed me with their loads. The feedback was overwhelming, I got over 50 emails from guys who seriously wanted to be a part of this cumeating event. At the end there were 20 guys waiting for me at the bar and all of them were ready to give me their loads. I started sucking off the first cock immediately at the bar and got my first load there, while other guys surrounded me. Actually I wanted to switch now, to the more comfortable seat areas of the pub, but then cock after cock after cock replaced the first one and so I just stayed there at the bar, on my knees, and I swallowed load after load. Within the next almost three hours I sucked all 20 cocks off. Most of them even a second time. At the end of the day I had 37 loads in my mouth. Each and every load was caught on tape. In this movie you can see the first 18 loads, a second movie with the next 19 cumshots is coming soon. 20 MEN GANGBANG IN THE WOODS This is the corresponding photo set to the movie we have added a couple of weeks ago, showing me and my beautiful blonde girlfriend Nicole getting gangbanged by plenty of strangers in the woods. My mate Nicole and me went to the place where we intended to have some fun. It's a huge dogging spot at a lake. This lake is surrounded by a park, with several pathes leading to the more discreet places. At one of this places we started fooling around while sitting on a trunk. Soon we attracted attention from some guys. We were dressed like good sluts and so I guess these guys thought we would like to get used like good sluts. Quite right! I started sucking off the first few cocks, while Nikki did the same and we saw the crowd growing up and up and up, surrounding and watching us. Many guys stood amidst the trees, jerling their cocks, waiting for their turn. A great parade of cocks! All in all we got used by 20 men this afternoon. Just awesome. Watch the corresponding movies here: Marion Cam Part 1 Marion Cam Part 2 Nicole Cam

Girls: Marion
Scene: Swallowing 37 loads in march 2016
Year: 2016
Genre: Hardcore, Wife, All sex

Quality: SD
Size: 238 MB
Swallowing 37 loads in march 2016 (Marion)

Website: CumDrinkingWife

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